Tom Coughlin Goes From Goat to Possible Giants G.O.A.T.

Giants fans, raise you hand if you haven’t called for Tom Coughlin’s head over the past 8 seasons. Anyone out there? Hello?! Exactly.

Let’s be honest guys, we have all done it. When ever there is a bad loss, we scream for Jeff Fisher. They lose 3 games in a row, we beg for Bill Cowher! Coughlin is supposed to be a disciplinarian, WHY SO MANY STUPID PENALTIES?! FIRE HIM!!! Players have tuned him out! They don’t want to listen to an old guy!! he doesn’t understand modern players! AARRGGGHHH!!!!

Tom Coughlin looking for his 2nd Super Bowl title

Question: How many Giants coaches have lead his team to the playoffs 4 straight years?
Answer: 1. Tom Coughlin. In 8 season with the Giants, he has made the playoffs five times, won 3 NFC East titles, and is now in his second Super Bowl. He has had exactly 1 losing season, his first year going 6-10. Coincidentally it was also Eli Manning’s first season. He has had some of the most dramatic playoff victories along the way as well. Winning in Dallas and Green Bay in 2007 for a chance to face the undefeated Patriots, and taking down the juggernaut to win it all. Even this season with wins again the 15-1 Packers and a 13-3 49ers team that may have the best defense in the game. Coughlin knows how to get his players ready, and puts them in the right mindset.

In his years in Jacksonville, after his first season, he took the Jags to the playoffs four straight years, including 2 AFC title games. Clearly the man can coach football.

Now I am sure you are screaming at me that Coughlin is not in the league of Bill Parcells. And you may be right that he is not there yet. Let’s look at their careers with the Giants.

Tom Coughlin is 74-54 in the regular season, 3 division titles, 1 Super Bowl win and is in his second this Sunday. He has a 7-3 record in the playoffs.

Bill Parcells was 77-49-1 in the regular season, 3 division titles, and 2 Super Bowls. He had an 8-3 record in the playoffs.

You were saying? Pretty close if you ask me. If Tom Coughlin is able to secure a 2nd title, he has to be put in the conversation as being the Giants’ best coach of all-time. You have to think he will coach another 3 years or so (he will be getting an extension after this season), so he will have a chance to get to 100 wins. The guy actually looks like he is having fun during this run, and the guys seem to be enjoying playing for him. This season may have been his best coaching job to date. After losing multiple starters for the season, being riddled with injury, and enduring a brutal stretch of games in the middle of the season, the G-Men were able to persevere and win the division on the last night of the regular season. He won’t win the award (Jim Harbaugh has it locked up), but he should get some consideration for Coach of the Year.

So this is me eating crow on Coach Coughlin. I suggest all the doubters out there do it too. The guy knows what he’s doing. I’m done questioning it.


  1. FreeBald says:

    I am one of the many who has called for Coughlin’s head. I’ve since gotten over it but your comparisons are nonetheless illuminating.

    Perhaps the only category in which Parcells, at least in my opinion, clearly reigns over Coughlin is the “coaching tree” category.

    Parcells has spawned Bill Belichick and Sean Payton in addition to Coughlin, as well as lesser lights Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini and Tony Sporano.

    The “highlights” from Coughlin’s tree include Dick Jauron, Dom Capers and Steve Spagnuolo.

    Of course, perhaps this means that Coughlin is the better coach considering his staffs have been inferior by this measure.

  2. I always respected his no-nonsense approach. Hes not a “players” coach. Hes just a coach. Do it my way or u dont play. He just gets it done and holds everybody accountable, regardless of who they are. He passes Parcells this weekend if he gets it done. Maybe even they dont win he passes him anyway

  3. DJ Dellanooche says:

    While nobody can argue Coughlin’s stats, the man just wins. My problem with Coughlin is his foolish loyalty to Gilbride. Yes, I would agree that it appears Gilbride has put together excellent game plans during this playoff run, but I have to wonder, how much of that is due to Eli changing the play at the line, or the 2 minute drill (it’s not a coincidence that Eli was one of the best 4th quarter QB’s this year – when he was calling his own plays!)
    Do I need to remind everyone that Coughlin took over play callIng duties during the 2007 playoffs and won a Super Bowl. He then handed the play calling duties back to Gilbride the next season, and guess what, the Giants failed to make the playoffs.
    I understand that Coughlin is tied to Eli, and it seems that Gilbride is tied to Coughlin. So here is to hoping Gilbride gives more play calling abilities to Eli, and let this Manning run the show.

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